The State of the World on Planet Earth: Possible Survival - Certain Extinction

All prior generations had to endure wars, diseases, catastrophes and famines, but they were sustained by religion and the certainty of the continuation of life, which meant that they had not lived in vain as their lives were meaningful; they were vital links in the chain of life. This is no longer the case. The present generations are, by all available means, destroying themselves, the Earth, the air and the Sea for their children, grandchildren, and for all other forms of life, as fast and as thoroughly as they can.

(1) By annihilating insects the 400 million year old mutually dependable inter-relationships between plants, insects and fungi that sustain terrestrial life, is destroyed; the survival of all vertebrate species (including Humans) depends on plants for survival. Insect biomass has declined by 90% in the last five decades, now at a rate of 2.5% per year,

(2) Holocaust of species; all the ecological processes that sustain terrestrial and oceanic life are eroded by exploitation, pollution and poison.

(3) Rising water levels; coastal cities, agricultural areas and wetlands are gradually submerged as the Arctic and Antarctic ice (such as the Thwaites Glacier) melts.

(4) Hurricanes, wildfires and desert areas escalate; 17 million animals died in the fires of Patanal.

(5) Destruction of forests and wetlands are irreversible; the tropical forests contain the richest gene pool on Earth; one out of one thousand species of plants has been investigated preliminarily for medical/beneficial compounds; 49% of all medicines come directly or indirectly from tropical forests.

(6) More than half of the global GDP – $ 42 trillion - depends on a well-functioning biodiversity: 20% of all countries on Earth face catastrophes because of destruction of wildlife habitats.

(7) Destruction of tropical habitats increases the frequency and virulence of epidemics.

(8) Heating of the subtropical zones will cause migration of billions of climate refugees as no one can survive in temperatures exceeding 52 degrees Celsius on a yearly basis.

(9) Escalation of difference in wealth between a few who have immense riches and hence immense power and everybody else who either has little or who lives in poverty will result in unprecedented social conflicts and civil wars where people will be pitted against mercenaries hired by the plutocracy.

(10) Irreplaceable depletion of natural resources: sweet water, rare earth metals, plankton, fish, arable land and forests.

(11) Chemical and plastic pollutions of oceans, rivers, lakes, the air and the soil cause poisoning of the entire food chain with the poisons accumulating in Humans, Cetaceans, Raptors and Felines to generate diseases, genetic defects and sterility.

(12) An increasing homogenisation and conformisation through social media further alienation, ignorance, insensitivity and apathy with a concomitantly diminishing sense of empathy, responsibility and self-insight.

The reason for this, and the sole reason for this, is commercial activity; relentless, ceaseless commercial activity implemented by technology. The entire world, including the future of the entire world, has been sacrificed to the Moloch of commercialism. No individuals in the history of the world are more abhorrent criminals than the politicians, bankers, economists and commercialists of the present generations who fail to act though knowing the consequences.

We are fighting the war of survival. On one side are the various administrative systems, the concentrations of power, the vested economic interests - oil, mining, chemical, agricultural, banking, fishing and advertisement-based commercial corporations - supported by the willfully blind and the willfully deaf; on the other side are conscious, thinking, feeling and responsible Humans plus all other living beings.

The individual woman, the individual man has two main enemies. One is the State, the other is the conglomerate of vested interests, multinational corporations.The larger the concentration of power is, the more evil it is. The only dangerous drug there is, is power. The State accumulates more and more power, the individual becomes more and more powerless, the State needs slaves, the multinational corporations need slaves and exploit people and the environment in collaboration with the State. Power can do nothing, nothing whatsoever, but want more power, power always escalates. It is a psychotic addiction.

Both states and multinational corporations are inimical to the arts and to independent research, for the arts and independent research are concerned about reality and truth, and states and multinational corporations deal in lies.

The hypothesis of perpetual growth, which sustains commercial activity, on a planet which is inhabited by eight billion people and which has a surface area of 510 million km2; with a land area of 148 million km2, of which 75 million km2* consist of ice, desert, tundra, forests and mountains, is a suicidal illusion. Business and profit exist in a self-contained system, unrelated to physical reality till the illusions shipwreck on the reefs of food shortage, depletion of raw materials, lack of sweet water, civil war, wild fires, floods, hurricanes and catastrophes.

Continuous profit is logically incompatible with a planet which has a finite surface. Profit is the equivalent of stealing, either from other people or from nature; it is taking more than one gives; it is an impoverishment of the other party; and it is ethically and morally abominable. Barter is fair and natural in its equality. Each party gains something, no one loses. An equilibrium is maintained.

Economists live in an economic universe where self-interests and nothing else exists. Economists do not live in the world of rain, wind and sunlight but in a phantasy or in a make-believe. Economics have as presuppositions a plethora of social contracts, sweet water, energy, plenty of raw materials, a well functioning symbiosis between plants, fungi and insects and plankton-rich oceans. Without these presuppositions there are no economics, no economists, no vertebrate life. Yet economists do their utmost, more or less unconsciously, as their knowledge and sense of responsibility, is strictly limited, to disrupt this symbiosis and to make the oceans acidic.

The banking system is designed to implement this destruction. By creating money out of nothing, by selling and buying debt, the banks finance oil, mining, chemical, fishing and agricultural companies, advertisement, armament and military industries beside transport organisations and entertainment conglomerates in an escalating frenzy of activity, for if the escalation should stop the entire house of cards of shares, bonds and assets would collapse.

The basic reason for the destruction of the nature of the planet is superfluous consumption. A person in America uses as much energy during a period of 36 hours as a person in Africa during 365 days. The basic issue is to reduce consumption to a sustainable level.

Consumption has become a disease, consumption has become ubiquitous, and consumption has become the only thing there is. Everything pivots around consumption. Consumption endeavours to fill the inner vacuum, the horror vacui of modern human beings, although no amount of consumption can fill the inner emptiness, yet consumption appears to be the only remedy, like heroin, it sidesteps reality, it pushes reality out into the future in order to gain a brief respite, the brief sensation of an anodyne.

The predominant modern perspective consists of a consensus illusion that distorts the reality of ‘that which is’ to an even greater extent than any pre-modern perspective has done because all emphasis is placed on interests, predominant in the left hemisphere and the Default Mode Network of the brain so that the world is split up into superficial and non-interrelated fragments, and hence appears to be devoid of meaning.

Social media ensure a uniformity that is all pervasive in the Western world, a uniformity that prohibits critical and independent thinking and which turns people into robotic consumers. The Chinese Communist Party enforces a relentless brainwashing and suppression of the population to perpetuate its power in eternity, and to make people live in a collective nightmare, Islāmic religious organisations persuade the true believers that they have to conquer the world by any means available in order to create a patriarchal paradise on Earth.

These three kinds of regimentation or homogenisation (Gleichschaltung) strive for supremacy in the world of today, and they are all three dependent on power and the escalation of power. These three illusions generate a frenetic activity when trying to escape from fear, from inner emptiness and from meaninglessness, into the oblivion or opium of work, entertainment and ideology. This activity is a flight from reality, a flight from self-insight, a flight from peace and well-being. And this flight is facilitated by incessant consumption.

The greatest fallacy is to see, determined solely by the left hemisphere of the brain and the Default Mode Network, things in isolation, as fragments, and focus on the fragments while disregarding the environment in which the fragments exist. The relationships between the fragments are more important than the fragments, and as the whole depends on the fragments the fragments depend on the whole. This mutual interdependence is evident in quantum physics, but also in evolution where the interplay between species and environment is crucial for survival.

Beliefs and illusions are primarily active in the left hemisphere of the brain which processes propositional logic, self-interest, language and strictly isolated phenomena, and in the Default Mode Network which processes the practical skills, daily necessities and superficial tasks that sustain ordinary conscious awareness. Kant’s Kritik der reinen Vernunft indicates indirectly that it is impossible for the left hemisphere of the brain and the Default Mode Network to conceptualise, understand, imagine, know or realise the total reality of the right hemisphere and of the entire brain, including the mesencephalon and the limbic system, which in conjunction process quality, emotion, motive, meaning, joy, life, absolute beauty, ethics and peace.

Men are generally more inane than women, in so far as they mainly are obsessed with mechanical toys, competition, measuring themselves against each other, spreading their genes, displaying their status by accumulation of acquisitions, and by being fundamentally egocentric; women, even if ignorant or apathetic, generally have much more natural empathy; they feel responsibility for children and grandchildren, for the propagation of the species and are hence more concerned with the quality of the living conditions and with each other. The same social pattern is also prevalent in whales, elephants and deers.

Being employed and employing are both forms of slavery; employing is far more morally destructive than being employed, which may be caused by dire necessity to survive in a hostile environment. Representative democracy is an impossibility as the individuals who seek to represent others are obsessed by accumulating power and riches.With some rare and remarkable exceptions politicians are genuine prostitutes, serving vested interests, or incendiaries, fanning the embers of populism. Only participatory democracy has the possibility of being able to sustain a viable future, but it will depend on the number of individuals who are willing to be responsible for their own fate in a degree that would make them willing to be engaged in administrative and political activity.

  1. It began with agriculture, agriculture fostered inequality, hoarding, selfishness, banking, city-states.
  2. Then came the invention of writing to keep records of commercial transactions. It ruined not only the sense of prosody and the capacity for memory, but it ruined the sense of grammar and the urge to communicate precisely and completely, beside also halving the number of letters because the phonetic ability, developed to distinguish a large variety of letters, became obsolete when the desire to communicate precisely gradually vanished.
  3. Then came the Industrial Revolution which changed work from a natural activity in daily life to a fanatical religion in order to enslave the population and enrich the profiteers.
  4. Then came the computer, the internet and social media. Alienation from nature, alienation from the self, alienation from reality, alienation from meaning, alienation from the infinity-eternity or the numinous that sustains and manifests the phenomenal world of Forget-me-Nots, Humpback Whales, Cepheid stars and human beings.

Prince, je congnois tout en somme,

Je congnois coulourez et blesmes,

Je congnois Mort qui tout consomme,

Je congnois tout, fors que moy mesmes.

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